Our children are an important part of the church and and we know we have a responsibility to equip and empower the future generations of our communities, grounding them in a relationship with Jesus and an understanding of the church.

Kids Church is for 5 – 11years old.

In these groups they learn about Jesus in a fast, fun and energetic way. Each Sunday morning our children are involved in:

Playing games
Child friendly bible teaching: we use drama, puppets, DVDs, sketches and object lessons in order to make it as interactive as possible.

Kidz Chruch runs every Sunday from 10.30am till 12.30pm. We even send out 2 mini buses on Sunday mornings to pick up Children if you would like to come by mini bus please contact us and we can arrange this.

Our Bus Hotline is 07470 951214
For more info email darren@alivecm.org.uk

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