Our Service Recordings


If the sound is not loud enough please use headphones to listen

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We will update our service recordings on Fridays (usually before but if we say Friday you wont be disappointed), so please come back again.

Sunday 18th February 2018       Pete Barks visits us to talk about ‘Naomi’

Sunday 11th February 2018        Norman talks about ‘Rahab’

Sunday 4th February 2018          Nigel speaks about ‘Eve’

Sunday 28th January 2018          Darren talks about ‘Delilah’ Judges 16

Sunday 21st January 2018          Kelvin speaks about ‘The Daughter of Pharaoh’

Sunday 14th January 2018          John Elford talks to us on ‘Abigail’

Sunday 7th January 2018          Stephen introduces ’52 Women of the Bible’

Sunday 31st December 2017          Phil talks about ‘Looking Back, Moving Forward’

Sunday 24th December 2017        Service not recorded we do apologise.

Sunday 17th December 2017         Darren, The Team and Children present ‘Nativity 2017’

Sunday 10th December 2017        Norman speaks to us about Timothy – A man with a teachable heart

Sunday 3rd December 2017          Phil speaks on Jesus – King of Kings, Our Master and Commander (Buzzing at the beginning of the recording but does stop)

Sunday 26th November 2017        Nigel talks to us about Paul ‘The Super Apostle’

Sunday 19th November 2017         Norman talks about ‘Thomas’

Sunday 12th November 2017         Morey Andrews talks to us about ‘Barnabas’

Sunday 5th November 2017           Kelvin talks about ‘The Rich Yuppie’

Sunday 29th October 2017             John Elford talks to us about Ananias

Sunday 22nd October 2017             Stephen talks to us about Stephen

Sunday 15th October 2017              Nigel talks about Band of Brothers

Sunday 8th October 2017                Phil talks to us about Judas

Sunday 1st October 2017                 Norman talks about Judas & Church Business Meeting

Sunday 24th September 2017        Norman talks to us about Peter

Sunday 17th September 2017         Kelvin speaks to us about The Disabled Man

Sunday 10th September 2017         Phil talks on Pilate

Sunday 3rd September 2017           Stephen talks to us about Jairus

Sunday 27th August 2017                Phil speaks on Zacchaeus

Time To Change

Sunday 27th August 2017 – Stephen
Saturday 26th August 2017 – Phil
Thursday 24th August 2017 – Kelvin

Sunday 13th August 2017              Kelvin tells us about the Grateful Man

Sunday 6th August 2017                Phil tells us about the Legion

Sunday 30th July 2017                   Stephen speaks on Simeon

Sunday 23rd July 2017                   Stephen speaks to us on Isaiah

Sunday 4th June 2017                    Darren speaks to us about Elisha

Sunday 28th May 2017                   Stephen speaks to us about Nehemiah

Sunday 21st May 2017                    Kelvin speaks on Hezekiah

Sunday 14th May 2017                   Norman speaks on Job

Sunday 7th May 2017                     Lee speaks to us about Hosea

Sunday 30th April 2017                 John talks about Nathan

Sunday 23rd April 2017                 Nigel speaks about Mephiboseth

Sunday 16th April 2017                  Phil talks to us about Easter Sunday

Sunday 9th April 2017                    Stephen talks to us about Palm Sunday and Alives 10th Birthday

Sunday 2nd April 2017                   Kelvin speaks to us about David

Sunday 26th March 2017               Nigel speaks to us about the Amalekit Soldier

Sunday 19th March 2017               Stephen talks to us about Saul

Sunday 12th March 2017               Pete Barks talks to us about Samuel

Sunday 5th March 2017                 Norman speaks to us about Samson

Sunday 26th February 2017          Kelvin speaks to us about Gideon

Sunday 12th February 2017          Darren talks to us about Achan

Sunday 5th February 2017          Phil talks to us about Ehud

Sunday 29th January 2017          Stephen talks to us about Caleb

Sunday 22nd January 2017          Andy Mulcock talks to us about Pharoah