Alpha at Alive

Launch night
Wednesday 4th October 2017
7pm for 7.30-9pm

But what is Alpha? Alpha is a course designed for people questioning their faith or the meaning of life. This friendly course is held in a relaxed atmosphere and has become a globally known introduction to the Christian faith.

The course consists of a series of talks looking at such topics as ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘Why do I pray? ‘After each talk there is a time of discussion. The people who do the course enjoy the chance to get to know people, explore questions of faith, and work out their own ideas and beliefs.

Refreshments and cake will be provided! If you would like to join this course or just find out more about it, please talk to Stephen Barks or call (01278 426643).

Monday 23rd October – How can I have faith? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 30th October – Why and How do I Pray? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 6th November – Why and How Should I read the Bible? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 13th November – How Does God Guide us? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Saturday 18th November – Holy Spirit Day – 9.00am – 7.30pm

Monday 20th November – How Can I resist evil? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 27th november – Why and How should I tell others? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 4th December – Bridgwater Prayer Walk – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 11th December – Does God Heal Today? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm

Monday 18th December – What About The Church? – 7pm for 7.30-9pm